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ANM Cube- Revealing 'Talent' in Every CV
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ANM Assess is a Pre-Employment Assessment Platform, developed by ANM Cube. 
The assessments are designed to cater the volume and strategic hiring needs of Employers and Recruiters.
​Pre-Assessed talent brings better stability and performance to the company.

ANM Cube offers:
ANM Assess
Find the Right Talent with an Online AI-Powered Pre-Employment Assessment Platform


Volume Hiring: ​Freshers

​Strategic Hiring: Experienced

Talent Source: Employers/ Agency Database

Our Service:  ANM Cube Platform Access for:

Profile Registration

Job Matchmaking

Employability Assessments

Assessment report for successful candidates

Outcome: Employer saves time and effort and receive pre-assessed candidates for final hiring round. 


An Economical Model

Can be used for campus hiring

Ease of screening for sizable database

You route applicants, received through internal job posts or recruitment partners, to appear for an automated assessment on the ANM Assess platform. 

You get an AI-assisted employability report along with a video interview sample of every applicant that helps you zero down on the right candidates for the final interview round(s).

Our Focused Industries

ANM Cube helps startups and scaleups with pre-assessed talent, our focused industries are not limited to..