ANM Cube - Pre-Employment Assessments
ANM Cube- Revealing 'Talent' in Every CV

What is ANM Assess?
ANM Assess is an innovative Online Platform crafted by ANM Cube, designed to streamline the pre-employment assessment process for organizations. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, ANM Assess enables employers to conduct comprehensive evaluations of job applicants efficiently. The platform assesses candidates across various dimensions including job relevance screening, aptitude, personality, situational analysis, and communication skills.
By utilizing ANM Assess, employers can significantly reduce time and effort spent on the hiring process. The platform identifies and evaluates only the candidates who successfully meet the assessment criteria, allowing employers to focus their attention on individuals who are most likely to excel in the role. This not only enhances the efficiency of the hiring process but also ensures that organizations make informed decisions when selecting their workforce.

ANM Cube distinguishes itself as a Pre-Employment Assessment Partner and not a typical Recruitment Agency. 

Employers and Recruitment Agencies use our assessment platform ANM Assess to screen applicants.