XYLEM  Episode 1

19.05.22 06:04 PM By ANM Cube Corporate

Xperienced & Young Leaders and Managers 

ANM Cube's XYLeM Series: EPISODE 1 - YouTube.

ANM Cube is the employability enhancement movement that enables placements by bridging crucial skill gaps. ANM Cube is a startup mentored by experienced professionals, incubated at the prestigious "MNIT Innovation and Incubation Center(MIIC)" at the Malaviya National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jaipur. The purpose of this series is to enable our target audience, which is the pre-final and final year students who are about to step into the corporate world and the professionals in their initial years of corporate experience who are in process of understanding the corporate environment. The idea is to introduce the audience to experienced yet young leaders of 2 types: Firstly who have either made it to the senior management or are in line to enter this league. Second people who have tasted the corporate world and left it to start their own ventures. Similar to the role played by Xylem in the world of plants, which is to carry water and nutrients to different parts of the plants, the words of wisdom by our Xylems shall not just enable our target audience to learn what is important to do’s in the corporate life but also the don’ts of this enigmatic world.

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