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Greetings from ANM Cube, a new age integrated  AI based talent acquisition service.

The recovery from the pandemic is triggering a hiring boom. However, more than 80% of the organizations are looking to hire virtually. The concern here is that the market is flooded with candidates unfit to meet the employer expectations.

ANM Cube comes as a trusted partner to screen a pool of candidates for a degree of skillset in terms of aptitude, interpersonal and situational judgement skills. Networked with different colleges to pool the candidates and make them industry ready.

Our AI based platform, through its profile matching, screening and BOT facility, saves the wasteful initial effort. You get the filtered profiles that are ready for final interview and onboarding, not to mention that you can save time to focus on your core business.

When the Best are moving towards Virtual Assessment, why not you ?

Our screening process is at par with global standards and significantly reduces your hiring cost enabling much faster turnaround.

We request you to share your hiring and pre screened profile requirement


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  • Matchmaking through AI
  • Aptitude and Job Readiness Screening
  • Interview BOT
  • Onboarding
  • Employee Training

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