Post Pandemic Hiring
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If you are an employer and looking to hire talent in post the pandemic either for resuming operations or a planned expansion, you might will be a little worried. Chances are that you may not be as much worried of employees coming to office or working from anywhere but more for the risk of hiring a bad candidate.

Your worry is fully justified.

The market is full of unprepared candidates with rosy resumes and if you are not extra cautious in hiring, you may end up with a human resource liability than an asset that can fit in to your vision, mission and values to nudge you with that expected synergy. At the same time you are not in a position to waste time as the market is competitive and every business opportunity lost also ends up as a hidden cost in your company’s financial statements.

What you least need at this critical juncture is a pre interview candidate screening support. A screening which is based on an assessment process that is smart enough to meet the standards of the current times.

Leading companies are redefining how they do business and are going digital. Accelerated by the onset of COVID-19, changes that were expected to take years happened at warp speed, happening within months. As technology enters HR processes, virtual hiring is becoming the new normal. Features such as scientifically driven and video based assessments are revolutionizing the talent acquisition space.

You should actively look for an expert partner that can reduce your cost of hiring and ensures a quicker time-to-hire through its hassle free engagement process. This way you can reduce the risk of bad hiring in an already risky business scenario, where every mistake can cost big.

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