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It seems like a ubiquitous gospel in life that “knowledge increases through sharing”. However, million-dollar question is with whom are you sharing your experience and knowledge?

Everyone is blessed with some expertise, worth sharing, in one or the other subject. This could be gathered through voracious reading or with experience in certain field.

You could be generous enough to help the people within your organization by sharing the relevant knowledge which you feel, can add value to the system and can help achieve the organizational goals.

It is very easy to spread your understanding with people around you and you get satisfaction that you did your bit, but later you realize that the same set of thoughts that are valued by certain people, are ignored by other. The deliberate ignorance is bound to leave you discontented.

Now the question is, should you also choose our audience? I feel, certainly ‘Yes’.

This can be like a class of students or trainees, wherein some of them follow and discuss on whatever subject knowledge is shared and some of them either just could not follow or take interest.

It happens in organizations, in teams, from leadership to the lowest level. What if you find yourself in good understanding of certain business aspect and you share the same to other stakeholders and it completely falls on deaf ears. This lack of reception symbolizes non relevance, in some cases internal insecurity or personal negativity and can overall lead to non-achievement of company’s goals and a certain wastage of time and resources.

So why does this happen?

As per my understanding this could have multiple reasons such as:

  1. Your audience is unable to understand the value of the knowledge shared due to lack of experience and foresightedness.
  2. You audience could not relate or resonate to the subject as they are in a fixed mindset. They do not want to think beyond self-made mental boundaries.
  3. Lack of a shared vision in the audience.
  4. This can be a completely a behavioral issue where one refuses to accept other’s knowhow about the subject, and hence lack of reception.

Therefore, the learning is: if you are banging your head on a non-responsive wall, you end up exhausting yourself without solving the purpose.

I feel choosing the right audience is very important. Understand well and shortlist the people who share your vision and who you feel, trust on your advice. You can find this in an interaction or two, especially in the case of internal team members. It is quite a possibility that your work may go into further discussion and the end-result is entirely different from what you started with. Still, this can happen only if the people you are sharing your knowledge and experience with, believe in you and are ready to participate to achieve the common goal.

The time and knowledge are precious. Value whatever knowledge you are carrying because it is specific and not the pile to search on internet. It can help someone in need. I conclude this article with a message, spread the knowledge but with people who share a common goal, small or big.

If you resonate with the article, please share your views. It will be a pleasure to know your thoughts as well as experiences.

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