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With the recent alarming headlines, despite of being one of the youngest workforce, India’s talent is struggling to get hired due to employability gaps. With increase in technology adoption, most of the routine jobs are getting AI and tech-enabled. Businesses are looking for the right skill fitment and enhancement along with academics. There needs to be a fine balance between the technical skills along with the ability to create, collaborate and communicate at every stage.

At ANM Cube, we commit to ‘ANM Advantage’ through our AI based user friendly platform to businesses, institutes and individuals.

      ANM Advantages for Businesses:

  • Facilitating matchmaking
  • Incorporating an Interview BOT
  • Dedicated skill selection and store
  • Tracking complete life cycle of the candidate

ANM Advantages for Individuals and Freshers from Institutes:

  • Candidates are Screened to Succeed
  • Confidence boosting AI interview BOT with EQ Analytics
  • Counselling with Industry Experts
  • AI based Job Matchmaking 

The idea ANM Cube is cofounded by Parag and Gagan, childhood friends graduated from prestigious MNIT, Jaipur. They come with a collective work experience 30+ years, strong management consulting and coaching background. Both believe in creating sustainable businesses with a strong social impact.

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